*Additions to the Chorus Calendar (dress rehearsals, additional performances etc.) will be announced in class and via email as soon as they are known and will be updated throughout the year on www.ramseyvocalmusic.com *


September 20- A voice for Peace (in class)

October 22- Scholastic R Performance @7:00PM

December 7- Home for the Holidays 

December 3-5 - NJSMA Choral Festival (exact date TBA)

December 18- Winter Concert

February 10- Choral Collage

May 9- Highlands A Cappella Festival

May 21- Spring Chorus Concert

June 26- Graduation Performance

Pending Dates TBA: Spring Trip

Concerts and Important Dates

Chorus LAb Schedule




The RHS Chorus has five different dress codes:

  1. For traditional concerts, such as our winter concert,  RHS Chorus members will wear the RHS Choir robes (provided).  Under their robes students should wear cool clothing, like shorts and a t-shirt unless they are involved in other ensembles with different dress codes. All students should wear black dress shoes (with corresponding black socks if needed).

  2. For Formal non-traditional concerts, such as our Spring Concert and Choir Tour

       performances, students should wear “Concert Black:”

       -Concert Black options:

             -Black dress pants, black dress shirt (no t-shirts), black dress shoes (with black socks)

             -Appropriate black dress with black dress shoes

             -Appropriate black skirt and dress top with black dress shoes

             Often for formal concerts students will be asked to provide a seasonal “pop” of color such as a tie, headband,or  necklace

   3. Concert White: For a performance on our spring tour we will be wearing formal concert white: White dresses, khakis, white shirts       etc.

   4. For informal concerts, such as our choral collage,  students will wear jeans, sneakers, and their RHS Chorus t-shirt (provided).

   5. For formal presentations (not concerts), such as graduation, students should wear “dressy campus” attire (colorful dress, khakis and        a polo, no ripped jeans or yoga pants etc.)

RHS Chorus "Concert-dress" Code:

Mrs. Saltzman

Choral Director- Ramsey High School


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