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October 26, 2015

Practice Minor and major key signatures

September 21, 2015

Practice until you "die" and then send me the scores!

September 15, 2015

Make sure to only select M2, M3, P4, P5, bass clef, and to do 20 questions

August 18, 2015

MusicTheory.net has TONS of great practicing resources and hosts great applications for your ipad. Check out the "lessons" tab for a review from class, and "exercises" for extra practice! 

August 18, 2015

Something in class a little unclear? This website has lots of charts that clarify topics and delv into even more detail. The creator of the charts is from Britain so watch out for hemi semi demi quavers! 

August 18, 2015

This is a fun composition website to experiment with different ostinati patterns and funky beats! Feel free to submit your finished compositions HERE

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